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For the MCA OOW oral exam, I was filled with adrenalin and nerves – it’s natural. During a previous career I had ...

Angus Ferguson created new blog post Our 2020 Roundup in Blog 7 months ago

New courses, new clients, new students, SQA accreditation and RYA recognition. It’s been a busy year.  At Onboa ...

Angus Ferguson created new blog post 4 myths about online learning in Blog 9 months ago

With the ongoing pandemic restricting classroom-based, in-person delivery for the foreseeable future, this month has seen a numbe ...

Angus Ferguson created new blog post Case study: Daniel Cropp in Blog 10 months ago

Daniel started his seafaring adventure in 2012 as a backpacker, falling into the pearling industry in Western Australia. He quickly realised that he enjoyed being a deck-hand and learned how to tie a few knots. From there, he worked as a Pearler for ...

As you progress in you ...

Starting Onboard Maritime< ...

Angus Ferguson commented on David Pottinger's photo 1 year ago

Great pictures! Have you got guidance in the Cargo Securing Manual for getting them lashed correctly?

Preparing for your MC ...

A MARITIME officer is launching the industry’s first instructor-led online learning platfor ...


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