Virtual Leadership, Management & Career Coaching 1:1

Virtual Leadership, Management & Career Coaching 1:1

It’s all about you.


Navigating unchartered waters when it comes to leadership and managing people?  

Coaching is one of the most effective solutions to achieving high performance.  It give you time to think; it offers space and complete confidentiality to explore important issues and enable strategic thoughts.

Whether you’re currently a senior executive or leader in shipping, or perhaps a potential manager who wants to build confidence and maximise your strengths, one to one coaching is about change.

Onboard Maritime delivers customised leadership, management and career coaching that enables you to practice new skills and behaviours.  Our coaching works at all levels of seniority, from middle managers to board executives and supports a wide range of shipping initiatives including change management, role transition, managing and leading people, identifying and developing high potential talent, improving interactions, career planning and improving confidence as well as managing stress.

Our coaching programmes are typically delivered over 6 months and include an initial ‘get to know you’ meeting, potentially a 3-way meeting with the coach sponsor (if your company are sponsoring this) and thereafter one to one meetings with remote online support available when required.

In summary this is what can typically happen over the course of 6 meetings depending on your needs:

  1. Chemistry meeting and getting to know each other.
  2. Coaching contract agreed and understood.
  3. Arrange meetings, possibly monthly however can be in between times depending on what’s pressing, and what you need addressed.
  4. Online support where required.
  5. Continual communication on how this is working for you, checking in that you are getting what you need from these sessions.
  6. If appropriate, meeting with your sponsors to measure improvement.

We are qualified and experienced coaches, who help to facilitate changes in behaviour, attitude and thinking.  Positive transformation can come from reflective practices as well as pro-active action.

So if you want to improve personally, professionally and with impact get in touch!



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