Managing Self and Resources
This course will help you to develop the capabilities you will require in the role of a manager. In particular, it focusses on setting outcomes for a task and managing the resources needed to complete the task.
It will enable you to review and reflect on your experience of carrying out management tasks. 

Managing yourself is an essential aspect of being a competent manager — it is hard to manage other things if you cannot manage your own situation.

It will be of value to you if you have already begun to work in a managerial role or if you expect to take up a management role in the near future. You do not have to hold a position of formal management responsibility to undertake this course. It has been designed to suit both those who are in a management post and those who aspire to one. It is a practical course and concentrates on what you have to do as a manager.

To get the most out of ths course, you will produce a series of short reports which explains how you have undertaken and reviewed a management task. .
  • 1 - Candidate Information
  • 2 - LO1 Objectives
  • 3 - LO1 SMART Objectives
  • 4 - LO1 Standards
  • 5 - LO2 Allocation of Resources
  • 6 - LO2 Health and Safety
  • 7 - LO2 Contingency Planning
  • 8 - LO3 Personal Development Planning

Angus Ferguson
Instructor Coach

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