Course Description

This programme can be started on demand. 

The course is is structured to allow you to start whenever you want. The course consists of online materials and virtual classroom sessions with an instructor.  

Contact us to arrange an introductory session with an instructor to see if the teaching style and delivery method can help you achieve your goals.
The course content is aligned to the MCA Oral syllabus which can be found in MGN 069 Training and Certification Guidance Part 11 - Conduct of Oral Examinations.

The purpose of the MCA oral examination is to ensure a candidate understands the tasks, duties and responsibilities related to the Certificate of Competency they are studying towards. There are five different MCA oral syllabi.

Syllabus E -STCW Reg II/3 OOW Near-Coastal Ships Under 500 GT
Syllabus D - STCW Reg  II/3 & II/2 Master- Near-Coastal- Ships Under 500GT
Chief Mate - Near-Coastal-Ships Under 3,000GT
Chief Mate- Unlimited- Ships Under 3,000GT
Syllabus C - STCW Reg II/I OOW - Ships of 500GT and Above
Syllabus B - STCW Reg II/2 Chief Mate - Unlimited
Master - Unlimited - Ships Less than 3,000GT
Syllabus A - STCW Reg II/2 Master Unlimited

This course is structured to cover all the content for candidates studying towards Syllabus B - Chief Mate Unlimited / Master Unlimited Ship Less than 3,000GT

Entry Requirements

This course is best suited for candidates who have gained the necessary qualifying seatime and have applied or are in the process of applying for the MCA Notice of Eligibility.  The application form can be downloaded from the Marine Coastguard Agency website using this link: Application for an oral examination.

Course Delivery

This course is fully online .
Prior to the course commencing we will have an induction session with you. This is to ensure you are familiar with the student dashboard layout and methods of communication prior to the course commencing.

Each week you will receive your lesson plan. This will give you a set of tasks and topics that you should attempt to complete. It will also provide a link to the online classroom session.

Next Steps

Contact us via  email below to arrange an intriductory session or click 'Purchase' at the top of the page to start your induction and classes.

As part of the induction pack you will receive a copy of 'Seamanship Notes' by Angus Ferguson which will support the delivery of the course.

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  • 1 - CMMOR_Introduction
  • 2 - CMMOR_Plan and Conduct Safe Navigation
  • 3 - CMMOR_Safe Navigational Watchkeeping Arrangements
  • 4 - CMMOR_Meteorology
  • 5 - CMMOR_Ship Manoeuvring and Practical Ship Handling
  • 6 - CMMOR_Anchoring
  • 7 - CMMOR_Ship Stability
  • 8 - CMMOR_Stowage and Securing of Cargoes
  • 9 - CMMOR_Bulk and Timber Deck cargoes
  • 10 - CMMOR_ Compass
  • 11 - CMMOR_Respond to Emergencies
  • 12 - CMMOR_Survival Craft
  • 13 - CMMOR_Working Practices
  • 14 - CMMOR_Maintain Safety of Ships Crew and Passengers
  • 15 - CMMOR_Crew Management
  • 16 - CMMOR_Seaworthiness of the Ship
  • 17 - CMMOR_Legislation_Certification and Surveys
  • 18 - CMMOR_Legislative Requirements_International Conventions
  • 19 - CMMOR_Piracy and Stowaways
  • 20 - CMMOR_UK Flag and the Master including the Official Log Book
  • 21 - CMMOR_Pollution Prevention Requirements
  • 22 - CMMOR_Grain Cargoes
  • 23 - CMMOR_Ice Navigation
  • 24 - CMMOR Shipboard Emergencies

Angus Ferguson
Instructor Coach

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