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Leading People at Sea – The Fundamentals Haven’t Changed

Leadership1As you progress in your career at sea, you  will find yourself responsible for leading a team.  Effective leadership is vital for the smooth...


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Maritime Education – Will Things Ever be the Same?

Unknown 1Starting Onboard Maritime in January this year as an online training provider we had no idea of the global shift about to take place. Back then, the m...


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Risk Assessment Fundamentals by Alexander Walster

Risk assessment1    Alex Walster is a Chartered safety professional in the maritime domain, specialising in risk management and human factors.  He...
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Our Top Resources for MCA Oral Exam Prep

Resources 1Preparing for your MCA Oral exam can be a daunting task. With such a wide and varied syllabus, where do you start? Official publications and guideline...
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5 reasons to study for your MCA exams remotely

Remote learning1It’s 2020, and in these modern times, technology has allowed us to learn, work and play in ways that we could only dream of 50 years ago. Traditional ...
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